We help women find bras and underthings that they'll love living in. So comfortable that they'll barely notice they're there. 
A job that means making pleasant what many of you think is as a not-so-pleasant shopping experience.
We'd like you to relax. No need to fuss over your shape or your sizing. We're not here to judge. Simply to do our best to lift and support you with a super fitting bra. 
From practical to pretty, we carry a lot of different brands in a wide variety of styles and sizes. And focus on best sellers from the some of the best brands in the business. 
We'd like to welcome you to our shop. We're a small but private space, tucked in behind our popular sister store, Chic Thrills, in the heart of downtown Stouffville, Ontario. 
And while we're pretty on the inside, we're convenient on the outside. With free parking in behind. 
We' hope you'll come visit and try us on for size .

6316 Main St. 

Stouffville, ON L4A 1G8 

Tel: 905-642-3339  

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