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If you love soft fluffy laundry but don't want to expose your family to harsh chemicals, Pure Wool Tumblers are the perfect solution.

Tumblers work by lifting and separating laundry, icreasing the flow of air as they gently tumble around your dryer

  • Save enegry - cuts drying time by 20 to 30%
  • Soften clothes and reduce wrinkles
  • Easier and faster ironing

Tumblers are handmade of 100% Premium New Zealand wool roving and then felted to ensure they will not leave fluff on your laundry.


Add to dryer with damp clothes. 3 balls are great, 6 will dry even faster. Avoid overdrying to ensure anti-static, wrinkle release and easy ironing.

For scented clothes, add a few drops of your favourite essential oil or perfume to each ball.

Tumblers are perfect for sensitive skin and will last 1000+ loads.

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