To be or not to be – online.

Updated: May 9

You should be selling online. So everyone's telling me.

I am a little phobic about it for sure. Maybe thinking it's a little insensitive given the bigger COVID concerns out there.

I grew up in the age of the Eaton's and Sear's catalogs - am I dating myself. In any case, the outfit I fell in love with in the picture never turned out to be quite as nice in reality. Not an experience I'd want for my customers.

What's more, I think of The Girls as a service business. Not a product-based business. Sure we sell products but we're to offer what I think of as an essential service.

We're all about finding that perfect bra fit. Our work takes an eye, maybe some touch but mostly it's all about feel - how our customer feels in our bra that we're selling. And how it fits.

So how do you do that online?

Not with just a couple of measurement instructions. Our fitters know these measurements or guidelines are simply a starting point. And that many more factors go into finding that perfect fit. And each customer and fitting is unique.

So here's what we've decided what to do. To get ourselves into the digital age.

We'll only offer online sales of re-orders. Bras and panties that our customers have bought from us before.

If you're new to our service or our product, we ask that you come in for a personal fitting. We strongly believe you'll avoid disappointment.

We will all sell products that aren't so specifically sized. Things like lingerie washing detergents, Soft Stretch underwear, Protective Bra Bathers, StrapDoctor and Booby tape, for example. And of course, our SAXX for your man.

So, while you're all stuck inside, we appreciate you'd like the convenience. But we feel strongly that good bra fit is difficult to get online. And the last thing we'd want is you to not be happy with your purchase.

We hope you appreciate our conundrum. Stay well and let's hope we're back in the fitting room soon.


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