We help women look and feel their best by dressing from the inside out.

Hi. I'm Charlotte Cave, the owner of The Girls. Also owner of Chic Thrills, a fashion boutique.

I'll be honest. There was motive in my opening a bra fitting business. 


As the long-time owner of a fashion business, I learned and saw the importance of dressing from the inside out. The confidence of comfort. And the impact great foundations could have on customers looking their best.


Especially wearing fashions they might find in my Chic Thrills. Seemed like a smart fit.


But it wasn't an easy business to jump into. Intimidating for sure. Not just for the customer. But for we fitters too.


There didn't seem to be any one right way. So many thoughts and opinions on how to fit bras. And little training to be had. 


So our expertise came with some trial and error. Now, more than 12 years of it. To perfect our ways and do our best to help customers feel as comfortable with the fitting as in the bras they might buy.

Sure. We take a few measures. But we've developed keen eyes. To focus in on the styles and sizes that might work best.


Give us 30 minutes or more, and let us fit you. In a bra you'll love wearing and living in. And help looking your best.


6316 Main St. 

Stouffville, ON L4A 1G8 

Tel: 905-642-3339  

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